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My name is  May Long. I am a pressed flower artist. I also incorporate mixed media techniques and computer illustrations in my pressed flower art work.


My family:

I'm originally from Singapore, but I've been living in America since 1980.
My home is in Los Angeles, California.
I have four wonderful sons who add the sparkles in my life,  and a fantastic husband, who's been supporting and encouraging me in all my endeavors. 
They are truly my inspiration, my support, my toughest critics, and my world.

Flower pressing history:

I started pressing flowers and making pressed flower designs in 1990. I made and sold several pictures, and did some custom orders for wedding invitations. They were mostly given to family and dear friends. I also made greeting cards, bookmarks, and some small crafts decorated with pressed flowers. From 1997 until the end of 2000, I had put the pressed flower work on hold. In 2001, I began designing again.

My pressed flower story started this way. After we moved into our first home, we started planting various plants and flowers in our yard. But I always felt it was such a pity  the flowers had such a short lifespan. One day, my husband bought me a bouquet of roses. While they were still fresh, I decided I would place some of  the petals between the pages of a book, and save a piece of lovely memory. To my delight, the petals were preserved that way, and I still have those rose petals to this day! Well, that was the beginning of pressing flowers for me.

I especially love to work with small and miniature flowers, creating dainty and delicate designs. The flowers are so beautiful; they really do most of the work for me! I hope to learn many new techniques and develop new ideas for my work.

Early Inspiration:

When I was just starting out with pressing flowers, I came across a magazine article about a lady who presses flowers and created beautiful pictures and cards with the flowers. Like me, she had small children too, but was able to work from her home. I was inspired. I quickly bought a book about pressed flowers and soon began pressing flowers myself. For over a year, I struggled with the pressing process, and learning by experimenting. Eventually, I obtained results I was happy with and began spending more time with the design aspect.

Earlier Works and Achievements:

In 2001, I came across beautiful and creative work done by other pressed flower artists, especially the beautiful Oshibana works from Japan.  I was so inspired by their artistic interpretation with pressed flowers, I immediately set to work on my first competition piece in response to my excitement and motivation.

It was exciting to enter the International Pressed Plant Postcard Competition held by the International Pressed Flower Art Society (IPFAS)  of Japan in 2001. I was most honored to earn the The Honorable Mention Award with my interpretation of Rapunzel. This was the first time I had ever entered a Pressed Flower competition in Japan.

In 2001, I developed and designed the website for the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild, where I am also a Founding member, and Web coordinator and developer in the guild committee.

In 2002, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, I participated in the Philadelphia Flower Show Pressed Plant Material Competition. My Crane picture won the The Honorable Mention Award.

With the earnest desire to help gain acceptance for pressed flower art as a true fine art form, I entered the Pasadena, California, Call to Arts! Fine Arts Competition. I saw a step forward when I was accepted as a Finalist to compete in the Spring/Winter 2004 Fantasy and Imagination Category, and a personal accomplishment when I became the Third Place Award Winner for my "Joyful Flute".

"Bountiful Joy" won the First Place Award for the "Bountiful Blossoms" category, the Best in Show Award, and also the People's Choice Award of the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild (WWPFG) Conference, June 2005 in Jonesborough, Tennessee.

Recent works and accomplishments:

"A Place in My Heart" won the First Place Award in the WWPFG Conference 2006 Pressed Flower Competition in the category of "My Favorite Place".

Published Work on Website and Other Exhibitions:

Website Gallery: This website is an Art Gallery for my pressed flower art work. Eventually, I hope to incorporate an online gift store to sell some of my work, some other flower related items, and making this an informative and fun site.

Joyful Flute: Exhibited at the Spring 2004 Call to Arts Expo on February 28th at the Pasadena Conference Center, 300 E. Green Street, in Pasadena, California.

Bountiful Joy: Exhibited at the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild (WWPFG) Conference 2005 in Jonesborough, Tennessee.

Garden Fairy:  Exhibited at the Philadelphia Flower Show, March 2006.

A Place in My Heart: Exhibited  at the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild (WWPFG) Conference 2006 in Moline, Illinois.


8-16-2007:  Since the July 2006, I have not participated in any other competitions or exhibitions. Nor have I added any new pictures to my Art Gallery. Hopefully, before the year ends, I will have something new to add. I am spending much  time learning to play 2 Chinese instruments, the Erhu and the Guzheng, after signing up for a couple of semesters of Chinese music ensemble class. I just spent over 3 weeks touring China with my family, and it has been most inspiring to experience the art and culture of China. I hope this newly gained inspiration will be reflected in my future art work.

10-1-2007:  After thinking about this for years, I've decided to start painting. I started with some miniature 2.5" x 3" acrylic paintings of angels and I truly enjoyed it. I made a new website for my paintings, Art by May. It doesn't have very much content or pictures at this time, but I hope to build it up slowly as I create more pictures.

May's thoughts on her pressed flower art:

“Painting” with flowers is such a delightful experience. It is very special to me because it reminds me of how God is so awesome, and that each little petal and each little leaf is perfectly designed by Him first. I thank God for providing the "paint" for my palette.


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